Reading is social.




Kindle Communities is a social media concept integrated into Kindle's existing app. It was developed over a two-week design sprint collaborating remotely on Figma with three other designers.

I was voted project manager and stepped up eagerly. Along with pulling equal weight, being the project manager included creating the schedule/work pace, time-boxing activities, managing expectations, reigning in brainstorming after beautiful tangents, and above all fostering a respectful, communicative, and thus productive work environment.


Social Reading

Reading is about sharing: information, progress, and reflections. How might we foster social connection in a time of social distancing?

Central Platform

Buying, reading, and recommending e-books are currently located in three disparate apps: Amazon, Kindle, and GoodReads, respectively.




Market Research 

We looked at 16 different platforms to gain insight and inspiration through comparative and competitive research.


User Surveys

We analyzed 23 survey responses to investigate the breadth of user needs, goals, and behaviors.


User Interviews

We conducted 17 user interviews to increase our understanding and depth of user processes, pain points, behaviors, and goals.


  • People join book clubs to connect with others. 
  • Organizing and moderating bookclubs is hard and continuous work, and is usually unsuccessful. 
  • Book clubs today generally advertise only the content they’re reading, not how they’re reading it. People commonly reported feeling mismatched often with how their group read and discussed materials.
  • Perhaps most importantly, people want to share specific quotes and passages from their readings with their friends/family/book clubs - and they're unhappy with current platforms' abilities to do so.

User Personas


Zoe's a social justice warrior who's never been in a book club before - but now more than ever, she wants to connect with like-minded activists to help educate communities. Zoe has had difficulty finding an existing book club that fits her agenda. How might we help Zoe start a successful book club all by herself? 


Parker represents our solo reader. Although he has a voracious literary appetite, he has no interest in committing to a book club his erratic work schedule won't allow. Social reading to Parker looks like book recommendations, shared passages, and different perspectives/opinions he can reflect upon while reading new material.

Design Solution

Centralized Platform

Buy, read, and recommend books - without the pain of switching apps.


Guiding Questionnaires


Zoom Integration


Newsfeed & Annotations


Not everyone wants to commit to a book club - but everyone wants to talk about what they're reading.

The Newsfeed shows you what your friends are reading and reacting to, or the chance to recommend that bestseller you just devoured.


Annotations allow you to share your highlights and notes with selected people - or keep them private!

See which of your friends have your book in their library and request to see their annotations. 

React in live time to passages, quotes, and notes.

The Team